Meerschaum African Mahogany Calabash Pipe

The Meerschaum Calabash Pipe is an economical, handmade mahogany pipe. It is carved, sanded and waxed by hand. It comes in 3 different sizes, regular, large and extra large and is made by Meerschaum Market. This calabash pipe boasts the coolest smoke ever. The effect is created by the air chamber located just below the bowl in which the smoke is allowed to rest before being emitted from the top of the bowl. The Meerschaum calabash pipe also comes with a fitted case which makes it the perfect collectors item and/or birthday, wedding, anniversary or Christmas gift.

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Calabash pipe smoking in Instanbul

Smoking a calabash pipe is truly a global pass time shared by our friends in Istanbul Turkey. Here is an interesting article from the Daily Sabah, a Turkish media outlet, on the tradition of pipe smoking in this ancient civilization. Do pipe smokers have a common...

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