Shanrock Mahogany Rusticated Pipe

This Calabash Tobacco Pipe is a Mr. Brog Model No: 303 Shanrock Mahogany Rusticated pipe. It is fabricated with the utmost of quality from the root of pear wood and is homemade. It is sold from a brand you can trust Mr. Brog, who have sold over 2,000,000 pipes since the founding of their company in 1947. It has a smooth soft draw and comes with a large size bowl. It also uses a 9mm replaceable filter which can be removed to increase airflow.


Calabash pipe smoking in Instanbul

Smoking a calabash pipe is truly a global pass time shared by our friends in Istanbul Turkey. Here is an interesting article from the Daily Sabah, a Turkish media outlet, on the tradition of pipe smoking in this ancient civilization. Do pipe smokers have a common...

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