Calabash Pipes for Sale

There are many types of calabash pipe made from the gourd of a calabash. Below are a few hand-selected pipes of various makes and price ranges that might satisfy your pipe smoking needs. If those pipes do not meet your needs then you can show an assortment of pipes from various global vendors on Amazon.

Pipe Blog

Calabash pipe smoking in Instanbul

Smoking a calabash pipe is truly a global pass time shared by our friends in Istanbul Turkey. Here is an interesting article from the Daily Sabah, a Turkish media outlet, on the tradition of pipe smoking in this ancient civilization. Do pipe smokers have a common...

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Sherlock Holmes Briar Calabash Pipe

Collector's Choice Quality Briar Wax Berry Porcelain Calabash Sherlock Holmes Pipe This is a very quality briar Sherlock Holmes look-a-like pipe at an amazing price. Perfect for the beginning pipe smoker who just might be curious to experience smoking a pipe. For just...

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Pipe Education

Sherlock Holmes

The calabash pipe is one of the most famous pipes because it was commonly used by Sherlock Holmes during on-stage performances. It won this role because its size could easily be seen by spectators during on-stage performances. To learn more click here.

Inglorious Basterds

Most recently the Calabash Pipe won a Best Supporting Actor role alongside Christoph Waltz for his portrayal of a Nazi Colonel in the movie “Inglorious Basterds” starring Brad Pitt and directed by Quentin Tarintino. It was once again enlisted as a result of its stature. Learn more click here.

Pipe Construction

The Calabash pipe is made from the gourd of a calabash fruit, where it also gets its name. The gourd is a very durable organic substance and is also utilized in the making of various household products such as bowls. To learn more click here.

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