Collector’s Choice Quality Briar Wax Berry Porcelain Calabash Sherlock Holmes Pipe

This is a very quality briar Sherlock Holmes look-a-like pipe at an amazing price. Perfect for the beginning pipe smoker who just might be curious to experience smoking a pipe. For just $25 bucks you can see if you enjoy the exhilarating of smoking a Calabash Pipe. Reviewers say it has a very aromatic flavor, has no leaks and that it provides a smooth smoking experience. It also comes with a nice looking carrying case.

Briar Calabash Pipe in a Case for Sale

Brian Wood Calabash Pipe

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The stem of this pipe is made from briar wood while traditional Calabash Pipes are made from the gourd of a calabash fruit. To find the right sized calabash fruit which can be used by an experienced pipe maker is quite difficult and is labor intensive. This makes a traditional Calabash Pipe more expensive. Briar wood is substituted to bring down the cost of the pipe which is more easily fabricated. Because the shape remains consistent with a traditional Calabash Pipe, it is still called a Calabash Pipe.

For a quality Calabash Pipe sub $50 bucks this pipe is hard to beat. You can purchase it here.

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